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Cyber Security Training

Invest in your people as your first and last line of defence

People, Process, Technology and CULTURE

When it comes to the three ‘pillars’ of cyber security - People, Process and Technology – businesses tend to focus on technology as the easiest to fix: buy this and problem solved.

But the real secret to effective cyber security is to recognise the importance of your people. Employees and contractors accessing your systems all day every day can represent a major cyber security vulnerability, but they can also play a highly effective role in your defences.

We believe that creating a culture of cyber security (as we witness in government departments we work in) is a unifying factor so often missing in developing a corporate security strategy. Let us help you grow a rooted culture of cyber consciousness in your organisation through our range of comprehensive awareness courses.


For your staff to play a role in your defences, they need to be educated and empowered to look out for cyber security threats, know how to identify them, and what action to take. Getting your people to take cyber security seriously (and linking this awareness to Process and Technology) is all down to fostering a positive security-conscious culture.


With government clients, we’ve found that cyber security culture is strong. All stakeholders recognise that the system as a whole is only as strong as its weakest link, usually a human operator. The mentality is very much ‘think before you act’, and shout at the earliest opportunity if something seems wrong.

Create a Cyber-Conscious Culture

We believe this culture should be reflected in corporate organisations, and seek to encourage and develop this through our comprehensive face-to-face training of your personnel at all levels of seniority.

Engaging, top-down training

Online computer-based training for cyber security might be more accessible and affordable. But it can often be a questionable compliance box-ticking exercise, unlikely to bring about the organisation-wide cultural shift required.

That’s where our Cyber Security Awareness Training comes in. First, we engage with your Board and Senior Managers. They own the risk, so they also own the key to permeating the culture throughout the organisation: if they start clearly putting cyber-conscious policy into action, others will follow. Once the leadership has bought in, we look at rolling out an awareness strategy and training more widely to all employees, including temporary staff.

You’ll find this a hugely cost-effective way of improving your organisation’s cyber security, effectively embedding a genuine cyber-security-conscious culture, as well as demonstrating your organisation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Some of our Courses

Cyber Security Awareness Training
£400/ delegate
  • Cyber Language Baseline
  • Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Actors
  • Attack Vectors
  • Safe Internet Use
  • Social Engineering
  • Cyber Security at Home
Board Cyber Security Awareness Training
£1000/ delegate
  • Cyber Language Baseline
  • Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Actors
  • C-Suite Hack Examples
  • Cyber Security at Home
  • Crisis Management
Open Source Awareness Training
£800/ delegate
  • Cyber Language Baseline
  • Foundation of Internet
  • Threats
  • Anonimity Networks
  • Legal / Policy
  • Operating Models
  • Tracecraft
  • Source Grading
  • Attribution
Physical Security
Awareness Training
£850/ delegate
  • Security Baseline
  • Critical Assets
  • Threat Awareness
  • Risks
  • Mitigation
  • Approved Product List
  • Security Policy Framework
  • Government Accreditation

*Services are subject to separate Terms and Conditions


We have had to do Computer Based Training (CBT) for Cyber Security Awareness for years (to be honest we used to copy each others answers), this course made the whole thing make sense for the first time and the Cyber Security At Home section is something i'm telling my friends about! 

Awareness Course Training Attendee

I found the training really useful and engaging, and appreciated the effort that the trainers went to, to adapt and tailor the content as we went through the three days, in order to make it as relevant as possible to our capability and tasks.

Open Source Course Attendee

The advice and guidance from the Hexegic team was instrumental to us as a company in truly understanding our risk profile and ultimately, in navigating the security requirements of the required government accreditation.

Physical Security Course Attendee

I have attended many [open source] training courses in my career but this was by far one of the best, if not the best. It was delivered in a way that was relevant to our work, adapted to our situation (and our questions each day) and had a logical thread from the technical aspects through to the practical advice.

Open Source Course Attendee

The trainers were obviously very knowledgeable and keen to make the content bespoke to our needs, and I would happily take the opportunity to attend more training delivered by them in the future.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Attendee

It was brilliant and an incredibly varied few days that really worked with all of the capabilities of each of us who attended – the trainers were incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and really did provoke some ‘outside the box’ thinking that is relevant to our tasks.

Open Source Course Attendee