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Cyber Risk

Our experience in risk is embedded in years of managing secrets

What do we mean by cyber risk?
Weighing up the risks

Society is ever-more reliant upon digital technologies and there is an expectation – often a regulatory requirement – that these technologies will be highly reliable. Unfortunately, reliability can be easily compromised by sophisticated attacks and data breaches exposing or damaging your systems.
No organisation has infinite resources with which to address cyber security risks on every front. Decisions have to be made about where best to invest to build the most effective cyber defences for your business.
Cyber risk assessment is about identifying the risks; cyber risk management is about improving your decisions.

Benefits of Cyber Risk Assessment

Quickly understand your cyber security risks

Risk is a complex topic, often seen as the preserve of expensive consultants. It really doesn’t need to be. At hexegic we work hard to demystify and democratise the topic, so it can be understood by technicians and business managers alike.

Improve communication between your technical and leadership teams

We can dramatically improve communication between managers and technicians by using an easy-to-understand common framework with defined language and plain English

Visualise your cyber security posture: see strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities

Not everyone has the time to consider lengthy reports. That’s why we believe heavily in visualisation, so everyone can be invested in one easy-to-digest picture of risk.

Collate the information you need to make decisions

In the cyber domain it is often difficult to pull all the information required to make decisions into one place. Our approach produces one clear portal for all the information you’ll need to rationalise your decisions.

Ensure the most effective use of your cyber security budget

It’s tempting to focus on technical, product-based options for cyber security, but look wider and there are some far more effective risk controls based on policy and people. And they’re often free.

Understand your supply chain integrity

Supply chains hold significant risk but they are often considered external and so out of your control. This is absolutely not the case: asking the right questions of suppliers can significantly strengthen your chain’s integrity.

The problem

From malware to phishing, increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks pose a very real threat to businesses of all sizes. Making informed decisions on the best way to counter these threats is vital. The best way of informing and improving those decisions is through risk assessment and risk management. You need to instigate a clear and robust cyber risk management regime, with the same thoroughness you’d attach to your financial, legal or operational risk management.

Our approach

The good news is, this is just as easily tackled by a small business as a national corporation. At hexegic® we have developed innovative, easy-to-understand methods of risk assessment and management based on models from the petrochemical and aviation sectors. In those high-stake industries risk is understood by everyone in the organisation, and we believe cyber risk is no different: your first line of defence is your people, so you need buy-in from everyone, from your temps to your board.

Visualise Understand and Evolve Risk (VueRisk®)

We have developed VueRisk®, our state-of-the-art risk platform, to enable all your stakeholders to Visualise, Understand and Evolve their risk posture. Initial assessment can be conducted within 4 hours and a full report delivered in 24 hours. We work closely with your in-house technical team so that nothing is lost in communication and the findings can be efficiently briefed to your board. You’ll then be able to make properly informed decisions and create a response plan proportionate to your business operations.

But hexegic®’s support doesn’t end there. In the ever-changing cyber domain keeping your risk management strategy up to date is crucial. Our specialists can assist with regular reviews of your cyber risk management, ensuring it evolves to keep pace with emerging threats and the growth of your business.

The results of our assessments are referenced against the National Cyber Security Centre’s ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’, the UK Cyber Essentials standard and ISO 27001, to map your position against common best practice frameworks and controls. We are accredited by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) for Risk Assessment and Management which assures you the advice we provide is approved by Government and suitable for everyone from Small Business to Critical National Infrastructure.

When to consider a risk assessment?

For reasons of due diligence

When there is concern over cyber security or after a cyber incident

When seeking industry accreditation (ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials etc)

During a period of high growth and/or turnover

When expanding into new industries and sectors

To meet regulatory and compliance challenges

When baselining cyber security posture (Training, Staff, Tech, Process)

When assessing supply chain integrity

During the initiation of new programmes and projects

Interested in learning more?

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