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Cyber Incident Response

We are battle-tested specialists in crisis management


Medium-sized businesses breached in last 12 months


Medium-sized IT teams say they are unprepared for a cyber incident


Medium-sized businesses without a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Improve your Resilience

Even with the best tech and tactics in place, unfortunately cyber breaches still occur. Prepare for this with an effective Incident Response Plan to minimise the impact, maintain business continuity and customer confidence, and learn from your experience. As well as avoiding hefty fines under GDPR and NIS regulations – they can be reduced if you can prove you have been managing risk and have incident response planning in place.

Our Process

Our Cyber Incident Response services are rooted in our specialist team’s personal experience in crisis management and military operations. Lessons learnt in these fields teach you there’s no such thing as being ‘too prepared’. When the unexpected occurs, it is crucial to adapt, improvise and overcome the challenges calmly and effectively.

We’ll help you draw up an Incident Response Plan based on a core process of Prepare, Respond, Recover and Mitigate, a cyclical process executed before, during and after any cyber event. We focus pretty unrelentingly on Learning – evaluating and amending based on lessons learned both at your end and ours, to keep your responses proportionate and effective.

And we don’t just leave you with a plan and hope for the best; we support you on a long-term journey of Plan, Exercise and Evaluate. Once your plan is in place we create custom scenarios to test your plans and processes, and will periodically run through these with your team, either as desktop events or non-disruptive live events.

  • Our cyber incident response capabilities are ideally engaged on a 12-month retainer basis. As part of this if an incident does occur and breaches a defined and agreed threshold, we guarantee onsite assistance. Our services are based upon CREST and ISO 27035 best practice.

Our Incident Response packages

We have a variety of scaled Incident Response Service Plans to suit different organisations and their risks. Contact us today for a free assessment to find out which package would help your business most.

  • 4 Hour Response (9x5)
  • Remote Deployment
  •  1/2 Day Training per Year
  • 3 Day Retainer per Year
  • IR Plan / Review
most popular
  • 2 Hour Response (9x5)
  • Next Day Onsite Deployment
  • 1 Day Training per Year
  • 3 Day Exercise per Year
  • 5 Day Retainer per Year
  • IR Suite Creation / Review
  • 1 Hour Response (24x7)
  • Same Day Onsite Deployment
  • 2 Day Training per Year
  • 7 Day Exercise per Year
  • 10 Day Retainer per Year
  • IR Suite Creation / Review
  • 30 minute Response (24x7)
  • Same Day Onsite Deployment
  • 4 Day Training per Year
  • 10 Day Exercise per Year
  • 10 Day Retainer per Year
  • CISR Team Lead Virtual Meetings
  • IR Suite Creation / Review

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Start building your resilience today

Whether you have existing plans to work on, or want us to tailor our tested templates for your business, we can help you build and test them in a proactive manner, preparing you fully should disaster strike.

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