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Incident Help

The sooner you pull together a plan and act the better

0870 76 22 111

Step 1 : Gather your team

If you have an incident response plan, enact it now, you probably don't which is why you are here.
You can't respond to this alone, gather your team, you will need representatives from not just IT but your board, Legal, HR, PR and Facilities - if you don't think everyone is involved, think again.

Step 2 : Call our team

We have a 24/7 incident response service, we can help assess over the phone the threshold of your incident and help you respond accordingly whether its by immediately sending you one of our Incident Response Plans to start working through or by deploying to your site to help

Step 3 : Start Responding

Whilst it is best not to just rush in to a response, it also needs to be just that, a response. We can help you define quickly what that should mean in the early stages; considering legal or regulatory responses, considering the need for forensic examination, considering the need for external reporting and public relations whilst simultaneously working through the actual Cyber incident with IT.